• Our next outing will be to the Washington University Pow Wow on March 16.
  • Our next general meeting will be on Sunday, April 7 (a week earlier than announced last week).
  • Our April outing will be hiking on Saturday, April 13 (a week earlier than announced last week).
  • Idea proposed to have a table at St. Louis Pride Fest.


March 16
Join us for an outing to Washington University’s 23rd Annual Pow Wow at Wash U’s Athletic Complex. The doors open at 10 and the grand entries are at 12 and 6 pm. We will meet at 10:30 by the main doors (or just inside if the weather is bad). We will plan on purchasing Native American food from the vendors for lunch and be in seats for the grand entry (you may also bring your own lunch, if preferred).

Before entering the main event, Haley Pepper will talk to us outside or in the main lobby about etiquette. Haley is the organizer for this outing, and she has arranged for a speaker from the sponsoring group to come speak with us. Haley’s sons will be in regalia and in the tiny tot dance competition.

Parking might be difficult for this popular event. I suggest using the Snow Way Garage as shown on this map (if you park in the Snow Way garage, you can get to the Athletic Complex easily from the top floor by walking between the fraternity houses and taking a right):
20130316 SnowWayGarage.jpg
Note: this map is from another event at the same location, so please ignore in the information about Shuttle Stops – those don’t apply.

There may be guidance at Wash U to park at other locations, so please be flexible. Also, please consider car-pooling from the Ethical Society to reduce the number of parking spots needed. Please use the Facebook Event Page to co-ordinate these rides.

April 13
We have a tentative plan in place for an Earth Day/Hiking outing on April 13. Angela Lappin will be organizing this outing. More information will be forthcoming. Note: this is a week earlier than previously announced.

General Meetings

March 10
We had a General Meeting this morning at the Ethical Society. The good news was that we had a new family check us out for the first time. The bad news was that we had difficulty with the timing, due to a combination of miscommunication, Daylight Saving Time changing, and Facebook reporting the wrong starting time (perhaps due to DST).

Fortunately, Ellen Wilson and Bob Heck stepped up with backup dances, games, and activities to help us learn about Native American Culture during the meeting time. Haley Pepper gave additional information about Native American Culture and Pow Wow at the 10:00 hour to some families that stayed.

We will have to be more careful in the future that meeting times are explicitly communicated, particularly around Daylight Saving time changes. We apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced. For the new families, please know that this morning was not representative. Thank you to everyone for flexibility and especially to Ellen and Bob for their leadership.

On the plus side, we have started using roster sheets to keep track of attendance, and we made a better transition to the Sunday School programming at 10 am.

April 7
Our April General Meeting will be Sunday, April 7 in preparation for the Earth Day/Hiking outing. Note: this is a week earlier than previously announced.


Krystal White, our Treasurer, had an interesting idea this morning: we should try to have a table at St. Louis Pride Fest June 29 & 30. There may be other gay and gay-friendly families in the St. Louis area who are looking for an alternative to the Boy Scouts.

Does anyone have connections with Pride St. Louis that could help us organize and register?

March 17 Planning Meeting

Our next planning meeting will be 10 am on March 17 in the Nursery School Green Room. All are welcome. We will probably discuss fundraising among other topics.

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