• Camping at Hawn State Park is going on right now.
  • Details released about our Convergence Event in July
  • We will have a car wash fundraiser the morning of June 23.
  • Our next Council Meeting is planned for July 7.
  • The next General Meeting will be July 14.


June 14-16
Many of our families are at Hawn State Park or are returning right now. We hope to have stories and pictures soon. As a teaser, you can see some pictures now by looking at Andy Semler’s twitter feed (we retweeted some of them on our twitter feed).

July 18-22 – Convergence Event
Our Ethical Society Chapter of the NavigatorsUSA outdoor program for youth is hosting a Convergence camping event in KY for other chapters to attend. Please look for a more formal flyer to come in the next week or so that will include costs, but here are the basic parameters.

Event: NavigatorsUSA Convergence and Campout
Where: Energy Lake Campground, Land Between the Lakes, KY
When: July 18-22, 2013 (attend one day or all days)

This event is an opportunity for Navigators of all ages with their families to join together in a group camping experience in the midwest and build connections between our chapters and youth. The Ethical Navigators have put together this convergence event for the dates of July 18 – 22, 2013 so that a Navigator family or a Navigator group can attend for a day or two or all 5 days.

This event is for all ages and the whole family. We have our own Navigators Group, the”Stargazers”, for ages 2-6 and our “Travelers” group for adults over 18.

We have hiking, canoeing, environmental and history exploration which includes a visit to an early American living history area “The Homeplace” along with many other attractions of the Land Between the Lakes on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. We will be camping at the Energy Lake Campground and will have a summer camp style daily regiment with morning assembly and evening gatherings. We also have a special Senior Navigators overnight canoe camping trip on Lake Barkley.

Please contact Stuart Morse or if you are interested in attending. Our chapter is very excited to host this event.

Schedule: Nav.USA 2013 Convergence, KY (pdf)

General Meetings

July 14
Our next General Meeting will be at the Ethical Society on July 14 at 9am. Our tentative location is the Assembly Hall downstairs.


June 23
To raise funds to defray the costs of the July Confluence Event, we will have a car wash at the Ethical Society on June 23. Please plan to help us wash cars and have fun.

The general plan is to get to the Society at 9:00 to organize and make signs, then send some Juniors (with supervision) up to Clayton Rd. to wave people in. We will use hoses and water provided by the Society. Please contact Ellen Wilson or to request more details or to offer assistance.


July 7 Council Meeting

The next Council meeting will be at 9:30 am on June 7 at Krystal White’s house. All are welcome to observe and comment.

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