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The Upside of Feeling Down; James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director

May 13, 2018

Theme for the May: Sadness and Grief

The recent Pixar movie Inside Out reminded us that sadness isn’t all bad: indeed it is an essential part of our emotional repertoire, a necessary color in our palette of feelings. Using the character of Sadness as our guide, we will ask, “How can we embrace the sadness of life?”, using moments from the film to examine the upside of feeling down.

Science, Pseudoscience, and All That Jazz: Revisiting the Demarcation Problem; Massimo Pigliucci, PhD

April 15, 2018

Scientists and philosophers have had an exceedingly hard time articulating so-called “demarcation criteria” —conditions that formally separate science from pseudoscience. Pseudo-science is all over modern society and imposes costs ranging from the resurgence of diseases because of anti-vaccination movements to the rising of global temperatures while an ideologically divided political class sits idle. This talk will explore the fascinating landscape separating science, pseudoscience, and borderline examples of disciplines and notions that may turn out either way. Massimo Pigliucci is Professor of Philosophy at CUNY-City College.

Are We Morally Obligated to Be Curious?; Kate Lovelady, Leader

April 8, 2018

Theme for the April: Curiosity

One of our SEEK Core Values is “I am free to question”—but some philosophers and ethicists have taken this idea a step further, arguing that questioning, and even curiosity in general, is a moral virtue, one that people who seek to be ethical are obligated to cultivate. At the same time, curiosity can be dangerous to self and others when unbalanced by other character traits such as thoughtfulness and compassion. What are the moral pros and cons of curiosity?

Curiouser and Curiouser: How to Cultivate Curiosity; James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director

April 1, 2018

Theme for the April: Curiosity

We all recognize the familiar tug of curiosity: the desire to turn the page of our book just to discover what happens. Yet many of us also would like to be more curious about areas of life which currently do not interest us at all. How do we cultivate and maintain our curiosity so we don’t get set in our ways and stale in our tastes?

Is Sexual Harassment Finally Being Taken Seriously?; Kate Lovelady, Leader

March 18, 2018

Theme for the March: Anger

Society at large and many industries seem finally to be acknowledging and responding to the reality that so many women have lived for so long—widespread sexual harassment. How can we all be part of the solution and not part of the problem?

Get Angry, Make Change; James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director

March 15, 2018

Theme for the March: Anger

Often, anger is characterized as a “negative” emotion, something to be lessened or avoided. But anger is an appropriate response to injustice and is often necessary for social progress. If we don’t get angry about the problems of the world, we won’t be motivated to solve them. Anger is essential if we want to make change.

See the video the congregation supporting Jake from the end of this platform.

Playhouse Emissions: Climate Change Theatre; That Uppity Theater Company

March 4, 2018

Theme for the March: Anger

There is overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is real, human-caused, and will have catastrophic effects. Yet it is still a struggle to educate and motivate the public to take action. Theatre has the power to inform and move people. Climate Change Theatre Action 2017 was a world-wide series of performances of short plays inspired by climate change and prevailing attitudes toward science.

This special Arts Festival Platform will reprise several of the vignettes and performances seen at the Ethical Society last fall, produced by That Uppity Theatre Company Producing Artistic Director Joan Lipkin (Ethical Humanist of the Year Awardee) and Pamela Reckamp. Read by some of the leading actors in St Louis, the plays were selected from over 25 cultures, including perspectives from low-lying nations threatened by sea-level change and countries facing severe heat-waves, floods, or droughts. The Platform will also include a performance from Ashley Tate of Ashleyliane Dance Company.

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing us as a global community. Scientists estimate that we have 15 years to de-carbonize the economy if we want to stave off the worse impacts of climate change.”—Joan Lipkin

Love Stinks; Kate Lovelady, Leader

February 25, 2018

Sure, love can be great and everything, but love can also hurt, confuse, confound, and even damage. This Platform—address and music—will explore the facets of love that don’t make the Hallmark cards, as well as the fact that not everyone finds true love or keeps it. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a hardened cynic when it comes to love, or anywhere in-between, come join us this Sunday to acknowledge that yep, sometimes love just stinks.

Growing in Love; Kate Lovelady, Leader

February 11, 2018

People are ever-changing, and therefore love and relationships continue to change over time. In this special love-month Platform, several Ethical Society member couples will share some of what they have learned about keeping relationships growing and deepening over the years, and Leader Kate Lovelady will lead a vow-renewal ceremony.

I Want to Know What Love Is; Amy Miller, MSW, LCSW

February 11, 2018

Theme for the month: Love

From the intensity of romantic love, to the incredible depth of love for our children, to the straightforward friendly love of our chosen comrades, to the love we hold for all the human family, love is a central, governing theme in most of our emotional lives. It’s a common topic around Valentine’s Day, but using our love well and with intention is something for us to be mindful of year-round. What does it mean to love? What does who and how we love say about us? Why is love often so painful despite it being such a beautiful and necessary part of life? Is there a “right” way to love? Come learn how to put the concept of Love as Action into action!

Amy Miller is a clinical social worker in private practice in Webster Groves, where she specializes in communication, relationships, and personality types. Talking about How to Make Relationships Better is her favorite thing. She’s married to her best friend and is the proud and lucky mama of a sweet, funny 16-month-old girl.

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