Baby Naming Sample Ceremony

Baby naming ceremonyI want to welcome you to the naming ceremony of the [son/daughter] of [parent's names]. We gather here today to witness their commitment to parenthood and to officially welcome a new member into our community. We are here because of our relationship with them, for we are their community—their circle of people. We are the community with whom they celebrate life's special moments, and to whom they will turn in times of need. We are their extended family and friends and we honor their commitment to this new little one, who has changed their lives forever.

In this special circle, we are bound together by love and respect. Each and every one of us matters. When we leave here today, we will remain a part of this special circle. In everyday behavior, it is more difficult to experience this specialness, so let this ceremony be a time when we commit to being more caring toward one another. As this child we name today is a newcomer, we all have at one time been newcomers. Like all of us, [she/he] needs us to open our circle and support to [him/her].

To be a parent forces you to recognize that you are no longer a child. Claiming adulthood, we look at our children and see ourselves. We feel the temptation to help them succeed where we have failed. But as much as we seek to make them like us, we cannot. What we can do is see that they do their best. And as they grow, they will in turn be pushing us to grow with them. This we can do, if we love them not for who they may become, but for who they are—unique and special.

Parenthood is the ultimate expression and the severest test of a marriage. The greatest act of love parents have to give their children is the love they express for one another. The interactions between a mother and father, husband and wife, form the web of the relationship that serves as the child's nest. Children learn about men and women, communication, caring, respect, feelings, conflict, and love by watching their parents.

Recognizing this, you stand before us now to reaffirm your commitment to each other and to your [daughter/son].

[To the father]: Do you [name of parent] commit yourself to [name of parent] as her partner, promising to support her as a mother]? [Answer: I do.] Do you give yourself to your [son/daughter] as [his/her] father, promising to act out of your love for him/her, respecting and supporting [his/her] uniqueness, and eliciting the best from [him/her]?

[The same vows are spoken by the mother and the grandparents]

[To the community]: This community gathered here will be especially important to this child. We are [his/her] people. As [he/she] comes of age, we will appear to [him/her] as part of his world. [He/she] will look among us for companionship and leadership and to all of us for support. By watching us, [he/she] will learn how life works. [He/she] will know the way human society works by how we create our relationships here. Do you pledge to support this child, to respect [his/her] uniqueness, and to elicit the best from [him/her] and this family? [Answer: I do]

How shall this child be called and how did you choose this name?

On behalf of all who shall know [him/her], with the hope that [he/she] finds among us all the nourishment [he/she] needs, I welcome [name of child] to our community.

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