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Youth: Sunday Ethical Education for Kids (SEEK) Overview

Youth cutting paper for a Sunday School activity


Sunday Ethical Education for Kids

We are seeking deeper understanding of our world,

Seeking community in light of our diversity,

Seeking friends who challenge us to keep thinking,

Seeking opportunities to make a better world

than the one we inherited.

We are SEEKers!


Sunday School Welcome Letter

Sunday School Registration Form


Join us and we'll start the next leg of our journey together.  Learning from our past to build for our futures, we'll guide young people from their infancy through their late teens through thoughtful exploration of the myriad ways people make sense of the world around them. 

Along the way, they'll examine a wide variety of the world's religious traditions, including of course the one that brings us together - Ethical Humanism.  We'll get our hands dirty as we get kids observing the natural world and learning about how to protect and preserve it. 

SEEKers will be challenged to think carefully about ways to contribute to a more loving and ethical world community, and to then act! They'll discuss concepts like power, oppression and freedom, and we'll challenge them to solve problems peacefully. 

They'll exercise respect for themselves and others, while cultivating qualities such as trustworthiness, fairness, compassion/empathy, and good citizenship.  We trust that with access to information and opportunities to practice thinking critically and acting kindly, our kids will not only be able to navigate the world gracefully but also find ways to leave it better than the world they inherited.

Whether you're new to the Ethical Society or you've been with us for years, you'll find that within the S.E.E.K. program (Sunday Ethical Education for Kids), children and teens will enjoy an experience that's fresh and engaging for all of us.


Q: How do you teach kids the importance of collaboration?

A: You lead by example.
The S.E.E.K. program operates as a collaborative.  The Society hired a part-time Director and a part-time Administrator, and the rest is up to all of us.
Our classes are facilitated by parents of children enrolled in the program. 

When parents enroll their children, they're asked to select dates to lead or supervise activities and teach lessons.  Detailed lesson plans and teaching materials are provided for all volunteer teachers. 

With all of us contributing in this way, each family can expect to teach just 4 to 6 one-hour classes over the course of the entire year. We're deeply grateful to the parents who volunteer to teach extra lessons.  We can do this!  And we'll do it better when we do it together.

Just as members of a church, synagogue or mosque come together to care for others when they need us, to celebrate births, adoptions, weddings, funerals, festivals and other rights of passage, we too come together as a loving and supportive community. 

We aspire to sustain a spiritual home for people of all ages here, where we call each other's attention to the joys and wonder in the world within and around us, and where we can find the hope and moral courage we need to navigate it gracefully.

To enroll, to discuss any unique circumstances, to sign up to teach, and to lead or supervise SEEKers Workshops, I invite you to contact me right away.  Please know that my door is always open and I welcome your thoughts and contributions to our Sunday Ethical Education for Kids program. 

The best times to catch me in person will be Sundays between 9am and 12:30pm and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Ethical Society.  Feel free to reach me by email anytime at rvalenti@ethicalstl.org.

Rachel S.H. Valenti, Director



For more information, please contact:

Rachel S.H. Valenti, Director
314.991.0955 ext.216
Kitt Rogers, Administrator
314.991.0955 ext.211



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