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Social Groups

Sunday School, ages 2 to pre-KEthical Society of St. Louis provides a variety of ways you can get connected and form relationships to feel a real sense of our wonderful community. Besides coming to our Sunday programs, you can take some classes, come to our weekday programs, and serve our community by volunteering.

Another way to get connected and form relationships to join one or more Social Groups. Some of our groups have Facebook and other external pages, as noted by the icons to the left of a group.

Click on an icon to go to the associated external page.


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spacer imagespacer imageAmbassadors This group exists to help welcome new members by helping them meet people and make connections. The Ambassadors host dinner parties in their homes to introduce new members to current Society members. The Ambassadors take turns hosting, so the frequency of their commitment depends on the number of Ambassadors.

spacer imagespacer imageChorus New members are always welcome. The Chorus of the Ethical Society meets weekly and performs approximately once a month at Sunday Platforms and during seasonal festivals.

spacer imagespacer imageCurrent Events Salon This monthly group maintains and engenders awareness of ethical implications of items currently in the news. Participants bring clippings from newspaper or magazine articles to share with others, then engage in spirited discussion.

Earth Ethics Podcastsspacer imageEarth Ethics is a monthly group that shares ideas on how we all can lower our personal carbon footprint and live a more sustainable existence in harmony with the earth.

spacer imagespacer imageEthical Circles are small groups of Society members and friends who meet monthly to share personal thoughts and experiences, usually centered around a monthly theme. Each group also does a one-time ethical action activity. Ethical Circles are great ways to get to know new people, to get to know acquaintances on a deeper level, and perhaps to get to know yourself better.

spacer imageFacebook Icon for Young EthicalsEthical Mindfulness Meditation is a group of Ethical culturalists who meet weekly to merge the mindfulness meditation techniques of Thich Nhat Hanh and the philosophy of Felix Adler as to facilitate an understanding of self to act in way to elicit the bests in others therefore in self.

spacer imagespacer imageEthicurean Dinners The Ethicurean Dinners are small, informal dinners that occur four weekends a year in members’ homes. The purpose of these dinners is to get to know one another and build the Ethical Society community. The benefit is enjoy an evening of good food and good people in an intimate, home setting.

spacer imagespacer imageGood Eatin' (Potlucks for Vegetarians) Good Eatin’ is a once-a-month potluck group for vegetarians, vegans, and those who want to explore vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

spacer imagespacer imageMen's Forum The Men's Forum serves both the educational and social interests of its members. There are both internal and external speakers, videos and slide shows from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon each week. The next hour is spent socializing over a "bring your own" lunch.

Facebook Icon for Young Ethicalsspacer imageModeration Management is a national self-help network, which meets weekly, for people who have made the healthy decision to address a drinking problem. Moderated by an Ethical Society member.

spacer imagespacer imageParent Talk gathers to discuss parenting topics and concerns, while their children are attending Sunday School. The group meets every Sunday that Sunday School is in session. This is a subgroup of the Ethical Education Committee.

spacer imagespacer imagePhoto Ops is a group of photographers of all skill levels who get together monthly to exchange ideas and photos.

YouTube Icon for Responsible PUblic DebateFacebook Icon for Young EthicalsFacebook Icon Linking to Ethical Society of St. Louis Facebook PageResponsible Public Debate is a monthly forum hosted by the St. Louis Ethical Society to promote healthy public debate on important issues like politics, morality, religion, philosophy, and science for cultural solidarity.

spacer imagespacer imageTuesday Women's Association (TWA) Tuesday Women's Association meets weekly with a varying program of speakers and activities for women. See our TWA page for more information and a list of events.

spacer imageFacebook Icon for Young EthicalsFacebook Icon Linking to Ethical Society of St. Louis Facebook PageYoung Ethicals is a group for 20 to 40-ish year-old members and visitors to the Ethical Society of St. Louis.


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