(Update 2x) Please Check: Is Your Computer Affected by Malware?

Update 1x: If the FBI’s website says, “Service Unavailable. Please try again later,” please do try again later.  As of the morning of April 23, I’ve been able to get in sporadically, while yesterday the service was fine.

Update 2x: Since the FBI’s website seems to be swamped, you can go to http://www.dns-ok.us/, if you are in the US, to check your site.

Please run a check on your computer to see if you have the DNS Changer malware (malicious software) installed on it.  This malware, like much of the malware, will disable your antivirus, so your computer will be open to attack from other malware, like viruses and Trojan horses.

Go to the FBI’s website at http://dcwg.org/detect/ and click on the first URL (link) in the article.  Once you do that, you should see “DNS Resolution = GREEN” as long as your computer is not infected.  If you see “DNS Reolution = RED,” your computer is infected, and you need to click on the fix link provided to get rid of the malware.  If you do have the malware and don’t get rid of it, you may not be able to access the Internet after July 9.

There’s an article about this on the FBI’s website at http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2011/november/malware_110911

Always be careful about the sites you go to and the programs you download.  Don’t open anything that looks odd or that you don’t expect.  Do not install software from untrusted sources, especially if that software comes as an installer package and requests your administrator’s password!

Also, always make sure you renew your antivirus software to keep it up to date and that the software is updating itself.  If you have paid your antivirus, but it is not updating itself, you may have malware, like a virus on your computer.

In a related topic, there are spam emails going around that look like they are from people you know.  Some of them have a subject line that says, “hey” or “hello,” and a message that says, “Wow this is pretty awesome…” or “Wow this is amazing…,” with some link to look at.  Don’t click on the link.  This is spam and possibly dangerous to your computer.  Clicking on it may install malware.