On sabbatical until September

Hard to believe that my sabbatical begins tomorrow! I look forward to returning with many new experiences and thoughts and skills to share, as well as renewed energy and a more international outlook on humanism, from my travels and international schmoozing. I haven’t decided yet if I will be blogging–there’s conflicting advice on whether sending regular missives “home” undermines the basic intent of a sabbatical–but if I do it won’t be very often. I wish you all seven months of happiness, health, and meaningful good work.


  1. Alice Mooney says

    Dear Kate,
    Hope it is a productive and fulfilling experience for you. Miss you already and will be eagerly awaiting your return!


  2. Donna Dierker says

    Lent gives Catholics a chance to take a temporary break from something they love. They know they’ll get to have it again, but I believe this ritual drives up the value of whatever it is a person gives up. We already value Kate greatly, but this little break will renew our appreciation for what Nick Holekamp rightly called our gem.

  3. admin says

    I echo the sentiments of Alice and Donna.

    I wish you a wonderful journey and look forward to you sharing your experiences.