Sun., Oct. 7 Events & Platform: Sheldon Memorial 100th Anniversary: A Dialog Between Past and Present by Kate Lovelady and Ron Williams

SheldonconcerthallPlatform: Sheldon Memorial 100th Anniversary: A Dialog Between Past and Present by Kate Lovelady and Ron Williams

Join us for a special Sunday at the original home of the Ethical Society of St. Louis, Sheldon Memorial Hall. Named for Walter Sheldon, the founding Leader of the Ethical Society, the building is famous for its acoustics. Enjoy the beauty of the Arianna String Quartet and the wit and wisdom of Leaders present (Kate Lovelady, playing herself), and past (member Ron Williams, playing the part of Walter Sheldon. Find out what we today have in common with Ethical Humanists of a century and more ago, as well as how our views and language have changed over the years.

After platform, there will be a luncheon (by prepaid reservation only) and an opportunity to view the Ethical quilt made by our Sunday School last spring.

Please note: All activities this morning, including colloquy, 9:45 Forum, Sunday School, Coming of Age, and Youth Group will take place at Sheldon Memorial Hall, 3648 Washington Boulevard in the Grand Center neighborhood. For directions and parking information see
11 a.m. Auditorium.

Platform Music: Arianna String Quartet

Colloquy: A guided meditation and discussion on a topic that changes weekly.
9:45 a.m.

Forum: “Architecture of the Sheldon” by Dean Smith
9:45 a.m.

Sunday School:
10 a.m. until noon at the Sheldon.  However, we are not having Special Interest Groups this Sunday from 10 – 11.  Families are welcome to come to the Sheldon well before the platform, but we’re asking families to stay with their children while viewing their own and other local children’s art works in the gallery before the platform.

Families are welcome to bring their infants and young children (birth – 4y.o.) to the Patron’s Lounge at 10:50 (no sooner) where Shakhura and Jessica will be ready to care for them.  At 10:45, we’re meeting all the children and families on the enclosed bridge.  From there, we’ll all funnel into the auditorium where seats in the front right will be reserved for us (families, children, and youth).

After the first musical selection, the children and youth and their teachers will be dismissed to their respective classes.  Kitt and I will be there to usher them to those locations.

The Youth Group and Coming of Age group will meet at 11:10 in the Kemper Atrium.  The K – 6 students will be meeting in classrooms in the upstairs ballroom.

Don’t worry about knowing where those spaces are, there will be people there to show you the way.

Ethical Mindfulness Meditation:
8 – 9:30 a.m.