Sun., Jul. 29 Events & Platform: Voter Rights Protection by Denise Lieberman

We Demand Voting Rights Now!Platform: Voter Rights Protection by Denise Lieberman

Today, we are witnessing the greatest assault on voting in over a century. Nearly 200 restrictive voting bills have been introduced in 41 states since 2011 and now new laws in 18 states (representing 78% of electoral votes needed to win the presidency) stand to make the voting more difficult – if not impossible – for millions of eligible voters, disproportionately racial minorities, young voters, the working poor, the elderly and people with disabilities. The phenomenon underscores an important philosophical divide, with long-lasting implications, at the core of our notion of democracy – is voting a right or a privilege?
11 a.m. Auditorium.

Platform Music: Matthew Allison, flute

Colloquy: A guided meditation and discussion on a topic that changes weekly.
9:45 a.m. Boardroom.

Forum: Half Order Fried Rice – Thomas Crone, who has worked in various forms of media in St. Louis (including as a writer for the Riverfront Times and as a program host at KDHX-FM), will talk about the media and his new project, “Half Order Fried Rice”.
9:45 a.m. Hanke Room.

Child Care:
During the summer months there are 3 people on hand (2 high school teens and an adult) to watch children. The Nursery/Pre-school will be staffed as well as supervision for older kids downstairs.
10 a.m. until noon

Ethical Mindfulness Meditation:
8 – 9:30 a.m. The Foyer.

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