Sun., Aug. 19 Events & Platform: Leaving My Cocoon by Qinuo Van Dyk

Tirumala limniace 1Platform: Leaving My Cocoon by Qinuo Van Dyk

With a decade of immense and fulfilling happiness, followed by a heart-wrenching tragedy, Qinuo left home and traveled the world. While the trips were intended as “living in the moment” escapes and as a diversion from dealing with helplessness and puzzlement, she found herself getting lessons and attaining knowledge from people she met randomly on the streets, in Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Norway, Estonia, and many other countries. She has gained new understanding of others, of herself and of her changing self. She has recognized that despite differences in religion, ethnicity, and material wealth, we are all essentially the same, under the skin and under the sun.
11 a.m. Auditorium.

Platform Music: Marie Brown, Joe Corrigan and Sue Williams, violins

Colloquy: A guided meditation and discussion on a topic that changes weekly.
9:45 a.m. Boardroom.

Forum: Presentations and discussions on topics of the day
9:45 a.m. Hanke Room.

Child Care:
During the summer months there are 3 people on hand (2 high school teens and an adult) to watch children. The Nursery/Pre-school will be staffed as well as supervision for older kids downstairs.
10 a.m. until noon

Ethical Mindfulness Meditation:
8 – 9:30 a.m. The Foyer.