Ethics in Action Award
Opening Words from Sun. March 29 by Lisa Shoptaw*

I was brought up in a fairly religious household. We were Methodists. Not that the brand matters, just setting the stag...

Opening Words from Sun. March 22 by Arlene Nickels*

Good morning! My name is Arlene Nickels. I was born in the city of St. Louis in 1936 – I'm 79 years old! We lived...

Sat., April 25: Join Us for Our 50th Celebration*

Join us for a celebration of our iconic building's 50th anniversary at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 25. Architect Andrew R...

Sun., Mar. 29: Join Us for Our Jubilee*

Experience a landmark celebration as we celebrate 50 years of serving the community from our current meeting house at 9...

Outreach Leader Position
The Ethical Society of St. Louis, a humanist congregation, seeks an outreach Leader to increase our visibility and voice in the St. Louis region and beyond...

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Sun., Apr. 5: What Would You Live For? by James Croft, Leader-in-Training*

James Croft The story of the martyr who sacrifices themselves for their community or values is prevalent across cultures: Socrates, Martin Luther King, and Jesus are all said to have given their lives for what they believed in. But what are the ethics of self-sacrifice, and is it more et ...

Platform Music: JD Brooks, organ

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